Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Jr. costs Ed Gillespie an election

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GOP politician Ed Gillespie lost last night’s election in Virginia, and as Stephen Colbert points out, Donald Trump, Jr. may have played a part in that.

Republican Ed Gillespie lost last night’s election, failing to secure his spot as the Governor of Virginia… no thanks to Donald Trump, Jr.!

Last night, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to highlight some crucial errors Trump, Jr. made about yesterday’s election. Though the show as filmed before the election results were in, Colbert highlighted how Jr.’s tweets in support of Gillespie certainly weren’t helping his chances. As it has since become official that Gillespie lost the election, then perhaps Colbert was right.

In his opening monologue, Colbert spoke about the election. First, Colbert has a laugh about how Trump, Jr. tweeted to his followers in Virginia to get out and vote Ed Gillespie the next day. The problem, of course, was that the election was that same day, not the next day, likely leading to lots of confusion with his supporters.

Of course, the mistake was pointed out to Jr., and he sought to do some damage control with another tweet. Humorously enough, though, it contained another error. Tweeting “GET OUT & VOTE TODY“, Colbert can’t help but laugh about how Jr. managed to screw things up a second time when trying to correct his first mistake!

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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