Jimmy Kimmel returns to Live with an update on son’s health

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After taking the week off and letting his celebrity friends guest host all week, Jimmy Kimmel returned Monday night to resume hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After an interesting week of Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which stars like Shaquille O’Neil and Jennifer Lawrence came in as special guest hosts, the real host of the program is back!

On Monday’s episode of Live, Kimmel returned to the program. He explained the reason for his absence, needing to take some time off to prepare for his son’s surgery. For those unaware, Kimmel’s son as a heart condition which requires very important surgeries to keep him healthy, leading to Kimmel to famously take to his show to stress just how important the Affordable Care Act is (Kimmel could afford his son’s care, but was terrified for the families out there that couldn’t).

Here’s what Kimmel said on the program about his taking time off:

"“Officially, I was off because my son Billy was supposed to have his next heart surgery, but we had to postpone it because we all had colds.”"

Kimmel goes on to joke that he was actually waiting in line for in iPhone this whole time.

So apparently Billy didn’t get the surgery he needs next just yet. But hey, if Kimmel needs to take another week off soon to bring in some interesting guest hosts again, that’s all fine with me.

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