John Oliver comments on how tax breaks for big businesses are useless

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On last night’s new episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver spoke about the economy and how big tax breaks for businesses aren’t really helping.

Do these lucrative tax breaks for businesses really do much to boost the economy? John Oliver is here to explain how they’re really not so beneficial.

Last night, Oliver took to Last Week Tonight to speak about the country’s economic development. He begins by highlighting how every politician loves to talk about creating jobs. One such way these politicians say they’re creating jobs is through “economic development incentives,” but as it turns out, these may not be the ultimate job creators some may lead you to believe.

Oliver goes through some examples, such as a religious attraction called the “Ark Encounter,” a replica of Noah’s ark which cost $100 million to create. The state of Kentucky offered them $18 million in tax incentives, which is nothing to shake a stick at. But while Oliver says it’s not inherently a bad idea, as even he might be interested in seeing that, the big tax breaks may not have been worth the reward.

That is, reports of hiring discrimination at the Ark Encounter suggest they’re only hiring certain people. Applicants will only hire Christians to work there, first of all. And nobody from LGBT community is allowed to work there, either. Single people are also forced to sign a chastity pledge as part of their agreement for the job. Of course, the Ark Encounter hasn’t done much to kickstart the local economy, and this is just one example of many.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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