Real Time: Bill Maher takes down flag obsessed ‘fetish patriots’

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Bill Maher offered a New Rule during last night’s new episode of Real Time, going off on ‘fetish patriots’ who are always overreacting about the flag.

Preach it, Bill!

For last night’s new episode of Real Time on HBO, host Bill Maher dished out a scathing rant on what he calls “fetish patriots”. In other words, people that seem to have such an attachment to the American flag and/or the national anthem that it seems a little unhealthy. This kind of thing just doesn’t make sense to Maher.

In the segment, Maher summarized the things that have been angering these fetish patriots the most lately. That of course includes NFL player kneeling during the anthem to protest police violence. “How dare you exercise your freedoms while we’re honoring them?” Maher sarcastically asks. “We will not stand for not standing!”

Getting further into how sensitive these people seem to be with their flags and anthems, Maher speaks about how they’re particularly touchy about Christmas. Maher laments how they’ve convinced themselves that liberals have somehow banned everyone from speaking about it. But now that Trump is in office, they’re acting like he is some sort of magical savior that made it okay for everyone to say “Merry Christmas” again.

Saying that fetish patriotism starts with goosebumps but ends with “goose steps”, Maher decries this people, insisting that they’re ironically not being truly patriotic at all.

You can watch this New Rule segment in the video below.

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