Bill Maher destroys Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump in Real Time monologue

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As part of his newest monologue for his HBO series Real Time, Bill Maher managed to totally destroy both Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump.

Somehow we knew there was no way Maher was staying away from this topic!

Earlier this week, former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly found his name in the headlines once again for his alleged sexual harassment. A new bombshell had come out that he and the Fox network had paid out an astonishing 32 million dollars as part of a settlement to keep the story private. And, of course, Maher dove right in for the kill on last night’s Real Time.

“What the f–k do you have to do to cost it 32 million dollars?” Maher ponders during his new monologue. “The victims of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan got fifteen hundred dollars a piece. So, I believe by my calculations, seeing Bill O’Reilly’s d–k is twenty one thousand times worse than radiation poisoning.”

It leads Maher to his next great point. When you look at the news, you see more and more people losing their prestigious jobs due to sexual harassment or assault allegations. From movie moguls to journalists, it seems to be an instant way to take somebody down… but as Maher points out, “President of the United States? He stays.”

But not everyone is staying behind the president. Maher brings up the recent fiasco with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who denounced Trump in a retirement speech. Basically saying how he can’t turn a blind eye to the president anymore, Flake is choosing to speak out about it. This leads Maher to joke, “He’s the Rose McGowan of the Republican party… except instead of the other Republicans joining him with their “me too” stories, they’re continuing to let Trump molest them. That’s the problem.”

You can watch Bill’s monologue in the YouTube video below.

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