Stephen Colbert: Ivanka Trump ‘doesn’t know what words mean’

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Despite all of the praise Ivanka Trump gets from the right for her intelligence, Stephen Colbert argues that she doesn’t even understand words.

Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert took a short break from blasting Donald Trump to focus on his daughter, Ivanka. Kicking off the segment, Colbert notes how she seems to get inexplicable amounts of praise for her poise and intelligence from her colleagues. And yet, she doesn’t seem to understand how words work, as Colbert suggests on the show.

For his first example, Colbert brings up the time Ivanka says her husband (Jared Kushner) works lots of hours, so she tries to keep her own working hours “on a relative basis.” To that, Colbert says you really would think Ivanka would know how to use the word relative. After all, her “whole career is on a relative basis.”

Then he brings up that situation when Ivanka struggled with the word “complicit”. He moves on to a tweet with Ivanka commenting on an infant turning eight months old that day, and then wishing him a happy birthday. Perhaps the funniest part is Ivanka’s tweet about cuddling her nephew Luke, calling the the best part of “an otherwise incredible day.”

“That is a dumb statement in an otherwise stupid tweet,” Colbert responds.

You can watch Colbert’s take down of Ivanka in the YouTube video below.

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