Jimmy Kimmel weighs in on Donald Trump vs. Republicans feud

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Jimmy Kimmel took to his late night talk show last night to speak about the Republican “civil war” going on with Donald Trump and Senate Republicans.

It seems like nobody is getting a kick out of this GOP civil war as much as Jimmy Kimmel!

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel spoke about the in-fighting going on in the Republican party. Notably, Donald Trump seems to be having issues with Senators Jeff Flake (Arizona) and Bob Corker (Tennessee). Both of these men have made it clear to the media that they do not support the leader of their party.

Of course, Trump rushed to Twitter to defend himself, saying that outside of these Senators, everyone else the party loves him. Donald bragged through tweets that he got a “standing ovation” from the Republican Senators.

“Who wants to be the one to tell him that people are required to stand when the president enters into a room?” Kimmel straight up asks. “That’s like saying, everytime I walk into a Starbucks, the guy behind the counter asks me if I want coffee.” Kimmel then adds that the Republican Senators speaking out aren’t trying to get reelected, so they’re able to speak more candidly about Trump. They don’t need any favors from him.

Kimmel then plays a clip of Trump answering a journalist’s question as if he could try to be more civil. Trump’s response was to blame the press, before bragging about all of his accomplishments as a “nice student” from an Ivy League college and he’s a “very intelligent person”. Kimmel can’t help but laugh at that, calling Trump the most insecure person ever.

You can watch Kimmel tell it best in the YouTube video below.

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