Gotham: Butch returns as Solomon Grundy in new promo

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Butch Gilzean may have met his maker during the last season of Gotham, but a new promo gives us a sneak peek at his return as Solomon Grundy.

Get ready to check back in with another familiar face on Gotham!

Ever since the first season, Butch Gilzean was a force to be reckoned with in Gotham City. Though his bosses may have changed (before becoming a boss himself, even), Butch was never somebody anyone really wanted to screw with. That is until he took a bullet to the head, finally putting a presumed end to the big tough guy.

Of course, nobody truly stays dead in Gotham City, do they? Much like how Barbara randomly showed back up this season after being electrocuted severely in Season 3, her old pal Butch is coming back from the dead as well. Though, unlike Barbara, Butch is, well, not really going to be Butch anymore… he will now be established Batman canon villain Solomon Grundy!

Ahead of the next new episode, Fox has released a promo which gives us our first look at Butch in his new persona. Granted, it’s painfully brief, as we can only see his eyes as well as a shot from behind him. We’ll have to actually check out the new episode when it airs to see more. For now, you can watch the TV spot below.

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New episodes of Gotham premiere Thursday nights on FOX. Do you think Solomon Grundy will get his revenge on Barbara? Tune in to see.