Alec Baldwin goes off on Fox News over Weinstein hypocrisy

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Emmy winning actor Alec Baldwin took a break from being Donald Trump to blast the Fox network over hypocritical Harvey Weinstein coverage.

The Fox network certainly has its critics… and you can definitely add Alec Baldwin to that list!

With the downfall of Harvey Weinstein, Fox News has been condemning the man to the extreme on their network — and rightfully so. But while they might be doing the right thing here, it seems that this may be a clear case of selective outrage.

Alec Baldwin suggests as much in a new tweet posted on his official Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account. To the point, Baldwin brings up the hypocrisy in Fox going after Weinstein when they’ve reportedly covered up the sexual harassment allegations of two of their own — Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes.

Look at the actual tweet below:

According to The Huffington Post, Fox News and O’Reilly paid about $13 million in “hush money” to five separate women accusing O’Reilly of sexual harassment. Only when advertisers started to withdraw their support from the network did Fox finally fire O’Reilly, ultimately replacing him with Tucker Carlson.

Several Hollywood names have been coming out against Weinstein over the past several days, and in any case, it’s just been a terrible situation all around.

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It’s hard to imagine that Baldwin won’t be appearing on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump tonight. Be sure to tune in to NBC at 11:30 PM EST on Saturday nights to catch Balwin in his Emmy winning role.