Stephen Colbert monologue tears apart Trump tax plan

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For his new monologue on last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan, and it isn’t too hard to find its flaws.

President Trump is not going to like Stephen Colbert’s response to his tax plan!

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert kicked off his monologue with video footage of an embarrassing moment for Trump. At a signing for an executive order on health care, he tries to leave, forgetting to even sign the order. Vice President Pence has to tap him on the shoulder and guide him back to the paper. “Let’s hope he forgets the launch codes,” Colbert jokes.

Then Colbert gets to the speech Trump gave to a crowd of truckers, talking about his new tax plan. He promises a “yuge” tax cut, and then mentions the word “rocket”. Colbert mocks Trump for just putting two random words together as if it makes sense. In Trump mode, he says, “Two words that describe my plan for middle east peace: wallet and banana. You know what I mean. Banana, am I right? Yes, because, wallet.”

Trump’s attempt to summarize it doesn’t go much better. The president says his plan will cut tax rates for small businesses to the lowest level in more than 80 years. This leaves Colbert to quip, “Yes, bottom line, he is taking our tax plan back more than 80 years to the 1930s. The era that will forever be known as ‘The Great Happiness.'”

You can watch Colbert say it best in the video below.

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