Stephen Colbert ridicules Donald Trump in faux interview

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Using edited footage from the president’s recent interview with Sean Hannity, Stephen Colbert made his own fake but hilarious talk with Donald Trump.

If this parody interview wasn’t labeled as “fake” clearly at the start… how many people would actually believe it to be real?

Recently, Donald Trump paid a visit to Sean Hannity’s show. This left lots of good footage for certain comedians to use if they wanted to, say, manipulate it to edit their own interview with Donald, for the sole purpose of making him look like an idiot. Seeing this opportunity, Stephen Colbert grabbed right ahold of it!

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert premiered “Stephen Colbert’s interview with Sean Hannity’s interview of President Trump”. Using actual clips of Trump’s responses from the Hannity interview, Colbert asks him some very different questions. Fake or not, it’s truly hilarious.

No topic is too taboo in this faux interview, as Colbert brings up the situation with Harvey Weinstein. There’s definitely an opportunity here, so Colbert asks Donald if he has ever sexually harassed anyone. “25 years ago, and 20 years ago, and 10 years ago, and five years ago,” Trump responds. Additionally, when asked if there was ever a time when he treated women with respect, the Trumpster responds with this: “That hasn’t happened for years.”

You can watch the hysterical “interview” in its entirety in the YouTube video below.

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