Stephen Colbert is still laughing about Donald Trump’s ‘pee-pee tape’

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The alleged “pee-pee tape” starring Donald Trump in a Russian hotel room is being sought by the FBI, and Stephen Colbert is finding it hilarious.

Just when you thought the “pee-pee tape” from Russia was forever gone from the headlines… iiiiit’s baaaaaack!

Let’s rewind for a minute. If you’re not aware, there is supposedly a secretly-recorded video of Donald Trump in a Russian hotel room. Allegedly, in the video, Trump has Russian prostitutes, erm, urinating on one another for the sake of his enjoyment. It’s worth noting that this video has not been proven to exist, but urban myth or not, the FBI now seems to be looking for a copy.

Kicking off his monologue for last night’s Late Show, Colbert spoke about Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russia collusion allegations. Now probing the Trump-Russia dossier, certain things are brought up in it… or as Colbert so bluntly puts it, “it’s the pee-pee tape, it talks about the pee-pee tape!”

Colbert dishes some of the details from the report, and can’t help but keep his laughter inside. Plenty of urine-related jokes are used at the expense of the president. For example, the investigation has apparently hit a wall. To that, Colbert jokes that housekeeping always hates it when you hit he wall. It takes the crowd a second to catch up with that one, but Colbert is clearly having a good time.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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