Bill Maher wants Democrats to stop ‘babyproofing’ everything

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Bill Maher took to Real Time to plead with Democrats to focus on the issues that matter rather than just babyproofing everything else, in his New Rule.

The host of Real Time wants no more lights showing up on his odometer!

In part of his New Rules segment for last night’s show, Bill Maher spoke about the new car light which may be coming next. Democrats have organized a new bill called the Hot Car Act, which will install motion detectors in the vehicle to ensure people don’t forget their babies in the back seat. “Because ‘Turn Around, Dipshit’ was too on-the-nose,” jokes Maher.

Maher groans over the possibility in having to install these sensors in 17 million cars made for the year. Those costs will only make the vehicles more expensive. And as Maher suggests, what it aims to prevent is something that is less likely than being struck by lightning. If you’re too “high” to forget your baby in the backseat, then a little yellow light on the dash isn’t going to help, according to Maher.

As far as Bill Maher is concerned, these Democrats fighting for these causes need to be focusing their efforts on more important issues. This includes gun control, cargbon emissions, and banks. But the problem is, too much regulation is only going to make people hate them more. It’s coming across as trying to micromanage the lives of the citizens.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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