Stephen Colbert calls for Trump to act after Las Vegas tragedy

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Saying that “doing nothing is cowardice”, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to demand that Donald Trump do something in the wake of the shooting in NV.

Last night, all of the late night funnymen took a break from the jokes to address the very serious tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas. After a gunman left around 60 people dead at a music festival, the entire nation is left to mourn after what’s become the deadliest shooting in the country’s modern history. It’s not something which we can just ignore.

After Stephen Colbert welcomed his audience to The Late Show, he brought up the unfortunate tragedy. Completely serious, Colbert stresses that we CAN NOT accept something like this as the new normal. He notes that Trump referred to the act as “an act of pure evil”, which is something we can all agree on. So the question then becomes, what do we do about it? It “can’t be nothing”, as Colbert can’t stress enough.

Colbert just wants Congress to do something… anything. For example, universal background checks. Or, at least try to come up with a better answer. The solution of just sitting there and acting like nothing can be done is nothing more than cowardice, as Colbert explains in the segment. He’s got a point and we can only hope that it sinks in for those who disagree.

You can watch the clip in the YouTube video below.

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