Seth Meyers: We elected a ‘lazy, ignorant racist’ as president

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After Donald Trump essentially blamed the victim by attacking the mayor of San Juan, Seth Meyers went off on the “ignorant racist” POTUS.

Is there anybody who can scorch the president as much as Late Night‘s Seth Meyers?

Last night on the show, Meyers dedicated his Closer Look to the situation between Donald Trump and the mayor of San Juan. Namely, the devastation in Puerto Rico millions of American citizens are dealing with as a result of the hurricanes. Not only did Trump have a lackluster response to the situation, but he’s even made it worse by trying to shift the blame to the mayor of San Juan herself.

Let’s back up for a second. After hurricane damaged impacted Puerto Rico to the point where millions of people are without electricity, cell service, or even clean water, many were wondering where the US was with their aid. To explain, Trump said that he hadn’t sent aid in yet because Puerto Rico is an “island”. Sadly enough, Trump was spending time golfing during the worst of it, and didn’t act until after seeing criticism for his response on the news.

That was dumb, but that’s not even the worst of it. Trump’s acting homeland security director actually called their recovery efforts a “good news story”. Hearing that, the mayor of San Juan appeared on television to explain that, no, this is not a good situation — people are dying and still desperately need our aid. So, what does Trump do? He blames them!

Trump would go on a Twitter tirade, claiming that the mayor was “told” by Democrats to be “nasty” to Trump. The Donald then lashes out at the citizens there, saying they’re just expecting “everything” to be done for them when they should be doing it themselves. “Everything? They want electricity and drinking water, not Rihanna tickets and new Tesla,” Meyers says.

For a special bonus, Meyers brings out one of his show’s writers, whom is actually Puerto Rican. You can watch the entire A Closer Look segment below, thanks to NBC on YouTube.

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