Ellen DeGeneres explains why she’ll never invite Donald Trump

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Don’t expect to see the president of the United States showing up on Ellen anytime soon, as Ellen herself has explained why it will never happen.

The commander in chief does not have a spot waiting for him at The Ellen Show!

On a recent edition of the program, famous journalist Megyn Kelly came on as a guest. The two ladies spoke a bit about Kelly’s new show, Megyn Kelly Today. Naturally, the conversation got into potential guests, leaving Ellen to ask Megyn straight up if she would have Donald Trump on her show.

“I would not say no to a sitting president,” Kelly says. She then redirects the question back to Ellen, asking her if she would have Trump on the show. And Ellen misses no beats at all when she fires back that she would have no problems turning Trump down, earning a loud ovation from the audience. Even Kelly can’t help but contain her laughter at Ellen’s straight up honesty.

Joking that she might get some angry tweets for saying this, Ellen offers this explanation: “He is who he is, and he has enough attention. And he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across. There’s nothing I’m gonna say to him that’s gonna change him.”

DeGeneres goes on to explain how she feels Trump is “dangerous”, and she just doesn’t want to give him that platform. And she means that he’s not only dangerous to her personally, as a gay woman, but that he’s a danger to the world. And she’s just not going to take part in it.

You can watch this in the YouTube video below.

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