Stephen Colbert responds to Donald Trump Emmy tantrum

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Donald Trump took to Twitter to blast the Emmys for having low ratings, and Stephen Colbert’s response on The Late Show is pure gold.

On the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards show on Sunday night, Donald Trump was the butt of the joke throughout the evening. Host Stephen Colbert took many shots at him, and Alec Baldwin even dedicated his SNL Emmy win to the president. It no doubt left the Trumpster fuming, and a couple days later, he couldn’t keep it locked up inside any longer.

After tweeting something surprisingly heartfelt about hurricane victims, Trump switched gears just minutes later to talk about the Emmys. “I was sad to see how bad the ratings were for the Emmys last night,” Trump says in the tweet, further adding that they were “the worst ever.”

Last night, Colbert officially responded to the tweet on The Late Show. First explaining the situation to viewers and showing the tweet, Colbert responds by saying that nobody needs to be sad about this. He’s not even sad about it, and he hosted the Emmys. But, Colbert does want to point out that everything about the tweet is entirely false.

For one, Trump sent out the tweet on Tuesday, meaning “last night”, they would have been showing NCIS: New Orleans. And these weren’t actually the lowest-rated Emmys like Trump claims. That would be last year’s show, which pulled in 11.3 million viewers — slightly less than Colbert’s 11.4 million. Taking it in stride, leads his viewers to participate in this chant:

“We suck less! We suck less! We suck less!”

You can watch the segment in the YouTube video below, courtesy of CBS.

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