Emmys 2017: The real Sean Spicer makes surprise appearance

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With Melissa McCarthy watching in the audience, the real Sean Spicer surprised her by rolling his own podium out onto the stage at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

Sorry, Melissa McCarthy, but you’ve got competition for your poking fun at Sean Spicer… from the real Sean Spicer!

During the beginning of the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, host Stephen Colbert was killing the crowd with plenty of great jokes. Of course, it was just a matter of time before he got to Donald Trump, which he did. And let’s just say Donald didn’t get off very easy, as Colbert poked fun at Trump’s claims from the past that the Emmys are “rigged”. He even had an accompanying video clip.

Colbert took it a step further, wondering aloud what Trump would say about the crowd in attendance at the Emmys. Poking fun at the way the Trump Administration likes to inflate the numbers of their crowds, Colbert had a special surprise for those watching. He called for the help of someone else to say just how big the crowd was… and who else comes strolling out with a podium on wheels but Sean Spicer himself?

With a shocked Melissa McCarthy watching in the audience, Spicer takes to the mic to answer Colbert’s question. And poking fun at himself, he makes the boisterous claim that this crowd was the biggest-sized crowd from any event ever — or something to that effect. It resulted in the crowd erupting in applause. It doesn’t seem like anyone was expecting Spicer to roll out on stage the way he did.

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