Sean Spicer struggles to compliment Melissa McCarthy on Kimmel

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Sean Spicer was directly asked by Jimmy Kimmel about Melissa McCarthy’s impersonations of him on SNL, and he said it was funny… through gritted teeth.

Sean Spicer. There — I bet just seeing that name makes you think of Melissa McCarthy!

No matter what else Sean Spicer ever does from here on out, he will always be associated with Saturday Night Live. Melissa McCarthy turned a spoof of him into a running character, reprising the role for multiple episodes. It quickly became one of the funniest segments on the series, and it even earned McCarthy an Emmy win for the performance.

When Spicer appeared on Kimmel last night for an interview, he was asked about McCarthy’s performance. In the spotlight, Spicer tries to laugh it off as best he can. But he’s clearly uncomfortable talking about the ordeal. He says, “it was kind of funny” in a curt response, and it’s clear he doesn’t want to talk about how it makes him feel.

Sensing the awkwardness, Kimmel then just focuses on if Donald Trump saw the sketches. That conversation didn’t lead Kimmel too far either, as Spicer claimed to have never talked to him about it. All in all, they quickly move on to the next subject, because despite his efforts to hide it, Sean’s face clearly shows he doesn’t want to talk about it.

You can watch the video below.

Perhaps the situation is that Spicer just doesn’t want to get booed saying anything bad about the skits while on TV. After all, he’s previously one on record to say that it “wasn’t funny”, referring to them as “malicious”. McCarthy’s Emmy win, however, proves Spicer is in the minority.

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