Sean Spicer sad about SNL mockery of him, calls it ‘malicious’

Sean Spicer on SNL - via NBC
Sean Spicer on SNL - via NBC /

Sean Spicer is now revealing his true thoughts on Melissa McCarthy mocking him on Saturday Night Live, saying that the skits were ‘stupid’ and ‘malicious’.

Does anybody have a box of tissues for our old pal Sean Spicer?

As many of us now know, the Spice man is no longer the press secretary of the White House, having stepped down in favor of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That’s probably sad enough, but that’s not the only thing weighing down on Spicer, apparently.

Last night during an appearance on Hannity, the Spice man opened up about those legendary bits on Saturday Night Live spoofing him. Melissa McCarthy had been doing a stellar job as the SNL version of Spicer, making a complete mockery of him after every one of Spicer’s most embarrassing fiascoes.

Most of America seems to love the bits, but Spicer has revealed he’s no fan of it at all. At first, he shrugs it off, suggesting that “parts” of them were funny, but “over the line.” But then Spicer stands firm to declare that the skits weren’t funny at all, but were quite the opposite, claiming:

"“It wasn’t funny. It was stupid, or silly, or malicious.”"

Well, of course it seems that way to you, Spicer. You’re the butt of the joke and it’s painfully obvious you have no clue what a “sense of humor” even is. The truth is, McCarthy mocking Spicer has been some of the funniest television most of us have seen in years, whether Spicer wants to admit it or not!

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Rest easy now, Sean. You’re no longer the press secretary, so nobody’s going to make fun of you for that anymore. But if you’re still going to go on TV and cry about Melissa McCarthy? Well, I suppose we can still mock you for that!