Bill Maher slams Donald Trump over hurricane response and DACA

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On last night’s all new episode of Real Time, host Bill Maher spent his opening monologue ripping the president over Hurricane Harvey and DACA.

Bill Maher has done it again!

Early into his new monologue last night, Maher didn’t waste much time before getting into the hurricanes ravaging the southern states. But as serious and horrifying as this matter is, Maher can’t help but crack up when talking about Donald Trump’s response to the floods.

For one, Maher laughs about the way some people are referring to Trump as the “comforter in chief”, because the idea of that alone is hilarious enough. Maher also gets a kick out of Trump “bringing a date to a flood,” in reference to Melania accompanying him to Houson in stilettos. But, the Real Time host says, he was sure the Trump supporters loved seeing Donald going up against “his biggest nemesis of the last 30 years — wind.”

After getting sidetracked for a moment to take a shot at Joel Osteen, Maher swings back to Trump to get serious for a minute. You can hear the genuine anger in his voice when he talks about Trump threatening to end DACA, in the midst of North Korea dropping bombs and hurricanes destroying homes. Many of these “dreamers” Trump wants to kick out, says Maher, are well educated, because “most of them believe in climate change.” Maher then points out the humor in Trump and other hardcore conservatives’ properties being threatened by the incoming storms.

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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