Top 10 late night TV comedians, ranked from worst to best

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1. Stephen Colbert (The Late Show)

The one of a kind Stephen Colbert was always destined to succeed. All of us longtime fans of his pretty much know the story already. First, he made himself known as a correspondent on The Daily Show, spoofing Bill O’Reilly with an over the top conservative character. It was such a hit with fans that Comedy Central eventually signed Colbert to host his own program, The Colbert Report.

For years, Colbert killed it on The Colbert Report, making it one of the must-see programs people had to watch every night. The show as truly amazing, but there were still bigger things yet in store for Colbert. He finally got his chance to move up even further when David Letterman retired from hosting The Late Show, leading CBS to sign on Colbert as a replacement.

You would think anyone would struggle filling Letterman’s shoes, even Colbert. But the future King of Late Night TV hit the ground running and instantly made The Late Show his own. This would lead to more and more people turning on The Late Show over Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, making Colbert the highest-rated late night TV comic.

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In this case, the masses got it right. Colbert is by far the best late night comedian of TV of today, and is certainly in the running to be one of the best of all time.