Trump defends Charlottesville speech, Trevor Noah responds

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At a Donald Trump rally in Phoenix, the president defended his controversial speech he gave after Charlottesville. But there’s a problem with his defense…

Last night, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah got into the Charlottesville incident and the way Donald Trump has been handling it. The speech he gave immediately after earned him a lot of flak, particularly because of the way he placed the blame “on many sides” — seeming to have difficulty actually condemning white supremacists.

Doing damage control, Trump himself spoke about the speech at a rally in Phoenix, and he’s standing by what he said. As Trevor Noah shows in video clips, Trump reads actual quotes from his speech on that day, trying to prove that there was nothing wrong with it.

However, after Trump had read everything he said leading up to it, he conveniently left out “on many sides.” That’s right, he left out the part that got the most attention, albeit all negative.

“You can’t leave out ‘on many sides’, that was the whole reason people were mad,” Noah explains. Taking out that crucial part of the story will obviously change the story. As Noah jokes, it’s like removing the chocolate factory from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  “If you remove the chocolate factory, now Willy Wonka is just a pedophile!”

You can watch Noah tell it best in the Youtube video below.

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