Leslie Jones reveals SNL cast loves making Donald Trump mad

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Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones has revealed what the rest of the cast thinks about Donald Trump blasting the series so often on his Twitter account.

Saturday Night Live just had its most watched season of the show in over twenty years. Season 42 definitely saw a resurgence in the show’s popularity, perhaps in part due to the constant mockery of Donald Trump. Indeed, millions upon millions of Americans are not a fan of the president, and look forward to the show ripping on him every Saturday night.

One person that isn’t a fan of the show, however, is Trump himself. It’s well documented how much he has gone on Twitter to blast the series. Interestingly, these tweets didn’t start until after Alec Baldwin started mocking Trump on the show. Not one to take criticism well, Trump would disparage the show pretty often, going so far as to say Baldwin’s portrayal of him “stinks”.

It has to be an interesting position to be in for the cast on the series. Both as a presidential candidate and again as the actual president, Trump has personally referenced them on Twitter. Does it bother them that the president is bashing their show on such a public platform?

According to Leslie Jones, it’s actually quite the opposite. In a new interview with The New York Times, Jones is asked about how her and her co-stars feel about Trump’s negative reviews of teh show. Jones reveals that it’s something they all actually enjoy:

"“We loved that. Of course we loved it. You just want to see him turn red and orange, all the colors.”"

For her part, Jones appeared in one of the best Trump skits of all, pitching the idea of herself playing Trump once Baldwin gives up the role. You can take a look at that video below.

Be sure to catch Jones and the rest of the crew when SNL returns to NBC with Season 43 this fall!