John Oliver offers some hope in this North Korea nightmare

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Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s feud over who has the better nuclear missiles is horrifying to the rest of us, but John Oliver is our beacon of hope.

If you’re feeling a little nervous about North Korea, I’m not blaming you. Seeing two temperamental madmen arguing over their nuclear missiles has many fearing the end of the world. While (hopefully) things won’t progress to that detrimental point, the comedy of John Oliver can still serve as therapy in these truly stressful times.

Last night on his HBO program Last Week Tonight, Oliver devoted the bulk of the show to the North Korea situation. Right at the start, he says how North Korea is clearly what’s on everybody’s mind, so that’s going to be the focus of the night.

Oliver spends a lot of time talking about how we got to this point. Donald Trump is promising to bring about “fire and fury” like nobody has ever seen before. To that, Kim Jong Un is showing no fear, refusing to submit to the US president. As they even say about Trump in North Korea (and Oliver has video proof), you can’t negotiate a peaceful solution with Donald Trump, because he is incapable of rational thought.

But Oliver has a secret weapon. To get through to North Korea in a different way, Oliver says he’ll use the language of the accordion. And what better accordion expert is there than “Weird Al” Yankovic, whom Oliver has hired to sing a message directly to North Korea!

“Please don’t nuke us, North Korea, right now we’re all a little tense,” Yankovic sings. “We don’t hate you, frankly we don’t think that much about you, no offense!”

You can watch Oliver say it best in the YouTube video below.

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