Teen Choice Awards 2017: Grant Gustin named Choice Action TV Actor

via the CW
via the CW /

The teens have chosen an winner for the Choice Action TV Actor at the Fox Teen Choice Awards 2017, and the winner is Grant Gustin from the show The Flash!

We have a Choice Action TV Actor winner from the Fox Teen Choice Awards, and fans of The Flash will be happy!

First, let’s get to the nominees. Stephen Amell, Clayne Crawford, Gabriel Luna, Wentworth Miller, Chris Wood, and Grant Gustin were all up for this award. As with all of the others, though, there can only be one winner! So after some suspense, the winner was revealed, and of course, that winner is…


Indeed, Gustin kills it as the titular superhero on the show. I couldn’t be happier with this choice! You got this one right, teenagers. I would have voted for Gustin so I’m glad your nation’s youth is seeing it the same way.

DC movies aren’t too good, and many comic fans would agree. However, The Flash is just an incredibly awesome TV series. I think a huge part of that credit goes to Gustin for his awesome performance.

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Lots of people would agree that Gustin is amazing on The Flash. Comic book fans think the series is one of the best comic book shows to have ever existed. It’s certainly up there, so it’s nice to see Gustin get some recognition for it!

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