Dave Chappelle on if he still feels Donald Trump deserves a ‘chance’

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When Donald Trump first won the election, Dave Chappelle infamously said to give the guy a chance. Half a year later, he’s amending that statement.

Whether any of us may have wanted Donald Trump to be elected president or not, the fact is that he was. At the time, there was a lot of panic and confusion, but famous comedian Dave Chappelle chose to look at it optimistically. Infamously, he claimed that we just need to “give Trump a chance”.

Over half a year into Trump’s presidency, Chappelle came as a guest onto Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. During the interview, Colbert brings up the Trump comments from before. Pointing out that we’re deeper into it now, Colbert asks Chappelle if he still feels we need to give Trump a chance — or if we’ve already given him enough chances at this point.

From the start of his response, Chappelle does make it clear that he never said that because he was a Trump supporter. “It’s not like I wanted to give him a chance that night!” he jokes. He goes on to explain that throughout this year, Americans have been getting a better education on the presidency. Chappelle then says Trump’s presidency just goes to show how effective Obama’s was.

“Donald Trump’s the other foot. Good foot, bad foot, good foot, bad foot,” Chappelle explains, saying that these two presidencies are just how traction works.

You can watch the interview in the YouTube video below.

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