Cartoon Donald Trump reads actual Donald Trump quotes

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To demonstrate just how insane some recent printed comments from Donald Trump are, Stephen Colbert had Cartoon Donald Trump read them out loud.

You know what I love most about Cartoon Donald Trump? He’s much more entertaining than the real thing!

In recent months, Stephen Colbert has been running with an animated version of the president on The Late Show. Every so often, Cartoon Donald Trump shows up to poke fun at the real life version of himself. Indeed, using an animated version of the president always manages to entertain, and last night, he came back!

This new appearance stems from an interview with Trump and The Wall Street Journal. Apparently, some of the things the Trumpster said during the interview were just completely nuts. The sad part about it, Colbert inferred, was that there was evidently no footage of the event.

To rectify this, Colbert brought out Cartoon Donald Trump to read some actual Trump quotes. While the voice and animated mannerisms may be slightly exaggerated, the comments he’s reading are things Donald Trump actually said. Noting when the cartoon version is saying real quotes, Colbert makes sure to flash “Actual Trump Quote” at the bottom of the screen.

You can watch the whole bit in the YouTube video below.

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Additionally, Colbert is said to be co-executive producing an animated series for Showtime about Donald Trump. He’s bringing one of these Cartoon Trump animators with him, so it’s possible he’ll look the same on this new show as he does on The Late Show. Stay tuned for updates.