Game of Thrones: 10 biggest moments from ‘The Queen’s Justice’

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9. Jon tells Daenerys about the white walkers, and she’s not buying it

There is a bloody history between Jon’s family and the Targaryans. Because of this, Jon will not bend the knee for Daenerys. At this point, she asks him to forgive her for the sins of her father, which Jon can agree with. But he has news for Daenerys, and that’s that she needs him as much as he needs her.

Of course, Jon’s talking about the white walkers. If they surpass the Wall when everyone on the other side is fighting with each other, then nobody stands a chance. The living must all set their differences aside to align for this war with the white walkers, which Jon tries to explain to Daenerys.

She might help, but Jon just refuses to bend that knee. Even Tyrion starts pleading with him to do so, just to get her to work with him. It would see that perhaps too much pride is on the line and as of now, it’s not happening.

Before things can escalate further however, the meeting suddenly ends. Daenerys is informed that she has “grave news” which requires her immediate attention, so Jon will have to stick around for a while to work things out with Khaleesi.