Stephen Colbert rips Donald Trump for Alaska temper tantrum

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Unhappy with the healthcare vote of the Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, Donald Trump seems to be throwing a tantrum against the state of Alaska.

Is the United States of America about to remove one of its fifty stars from the flag?

Donald Trump has a never-ending list of enemies that gets larger by the day. Now, we can add Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski to the list of people who won’t be exchanging Christmas cards with Trump. Murkowski is apparently just one of two Republican Senators to vote NO on bringing Mitch McConnell’s healthcare bill to the floor, and Trump is making it clear that he’s very unhappy about this.

Obviously, the first thing Trump went and did was hop on Twitter. In a burning tweet against Murkowski, he says she let the entire country down with her vote, adding that it was “too bad!”

But despite his unhappiness, Murkowski is pretty secure in her Senate seat, not up for re-election until 2022. This left Trump no choice but to take his anger out on Murkowski’s entire state. Reports are now coming out that the Trump Administration is threatening retribution against “Alaskans” for Murkowski’s vote. Colbert jokes that it’s like prison, where you come in and start a fight with the biggest guy there to show how tough you are.

You can watch the monologue in the video below.

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