Little girl reads scathing letter to Donald Trump on Late Show

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After Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter to the president from a random child, Stephen Colbert allowed a little girl to do the same on The Late Show.

Kids are not so much different than adults. Some of them seem to like Donald Trump, for reasons which may not make sense to others. Other children, well, clearly do not like the president at all.

Case in point. Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spoke about the recent hubbub with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Awkwardly, Sanders had taken to a podium to read a child from a random American child nicknamed “Pickle”. Little Dylan, a.ka. Pickle, speaks to the president about having a Trump-themed birthday party, and then asking if he can be “friends” with Trump.

“I’d be careful there, Pickle,” Colbert warns. “I know one little boy, a Jeffie Sessions, who wrote the same letter last year and regrets it.”

In response to the bizarre letter read by Sanders, Colbert decides to bring out another child to read a letter to the president. A young girl named Nora steps out, letter in hand, and takes to the microphone. And let’s just say our old pal Donald isn’t going to be too happy when he hears what she has to say.

Going by the nickname “Mustard”, Nora basically roasts the president. Through the innocence of a child’s eyes, she compliments Trump for being a puppet of Vladimir Putin, exclaiming, “I love puppets!” She also tells Trump how so many people tell her that she and the president have the same hands.

You can watch the hilarious segment in the YouTube video below.

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