Stephen Colbert responds to Donald Trump’s ‘trans ban’ tweet

Colbert via CBS
Colbert via CBS /

After Donald Trump Twitter with his declaration of a ‘trans ban’ for Americans serving in the military, Stephen Colbert had a crude but effective reply.

As if President Donald Trump wasn’t sitting in enough controversy!

Early yesterday on Twitter, the Trumpster publicly made his intentions known for a ‘trans ban’ for the military. After a long rant spread out through three separate tweets, Trump makes it clear that if you’re transgender, he doesn’t want you representing the country. He cites “medical costs” and “disruption” that transgender people would supposedly bring with them, concluding his cruel rant with a demeaning, “Thank you.”

Thank you?!” Stephen Colbert asks, after broadcasting the tweets for his monologue on last night’s Late Show. In response, Colbert had a very simple but effective response, looking at the camera and telling Donald Trump directly: “Thank you?  F**K YOU!

Of course, Colbert’s response is bleeped, with a blur placed over his mouth. But there’s no mistaking what he’s saying to the president.

Colbert goes on to verbally destroy the president for taking this discriminatory stance from out of nowhere. It wasn’t even one of his campaign promises — it in fact goes against tweets he put out during his campaign, promising to stick up for the LGBT community.

“What the hell does he think the ‘T’ in ‘LGBT’ stands for?” Colbert asks. “Trump? Tomato? ‘I’d like an LGBT sandwich, hold the mayonnaise, and no gay stuff.'”

Colbert then spends a lot of time poking holes all over Trump’s argument that transgender soldiers would be too expensive or otherwise too disruptive to serve in the military. Spoiler: Trump is full of crap. You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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