Colbert blasts Senators passing health care bill they haven’t read

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Stephen Colbert is putting the Senate on blast for advancing a health care bill they haven’t even read, knowing it’ll leave millions without coverage.

Seems crazy to pass a health care bill you haven’t looked at, right? Stephen Colbert agrees, and took the Senate to task on last night’s Late Show for doing just that!

“It is hard to describe what our elected leaders have been doing for the last 24 hours,” Colbert said during his Late Show monologue. So baffled by what these Senators are doing, Colbert doesn’t even know how to describe it. He compares it to seeing a color you’ve never seen before, which looks like “a rainbow got gangrene.”

Colbert gets into how Republicans have tried (and failed) three times to repeal Obamacare since Donald Trump became president. Why is that? “Because people knew what was in there bill,” Colbert explains. So in their effort to “raise the bar on lowering the bar”, Colbert says how Mitch McConnell forced another health bill through the Senate, keeping its details a total mystery for everyone voting on it.

“It’s Schrödinger’s health care,” Colbert jokes, “but the cat is probably dead because it doesn’t have health insurance.” The Late Show host says how the Senate voted to “debate” the bill, giving them less than 24 hours to fine tune it. Shouldn’t be a problem to try to rush through that considering they know absolutely nothing about is as of now.

You can watch Colbert say it best in the YouTube video below.

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