Stephen Colbert takes aim at Trump’s awkward Boy Scouts meeting

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President Donald Trump recently attended the National Boy Scouts Jamboree, and as Stephen Colbert shows, he humiliated himself in the process.

It seems like Donald Trump can’t go anywhere without embarrassing himself somehow. Not even at the National Boy Scouts Jamboree!

With plenty of footage readily available of Trump at the Jamboree, Stephen Colbert just had to use it on last night’s Late Show. The president made several baffling comments during the event which Colbert just can’t help but laugh about. So for the sake of his audience, Colbert goes through the videos, showing just how awkward Trump’s appearance really was.

For starters, Trump begins by bragging about how many people are there. He praises the crowd for “setting a record” that day, estimating there to be about 45,000 people in the audience. Colbert is quick to point out that those people were going to be there anyway. After all, it’s their event — those Boy Scouts were going to be there whether Mr. Trump was there or not.

Colbert moves onto Trump’s claim that nobody takes care of America better than the Boy Scouts, sarcastically exclaiming, “Take that, Girl Scouts!” The Late Show host then broadcasts Trump’s rant about the “swamp” in government, saying that his fellow politicians are more akin to a “cesspool” or even a “sewer”.

“Your government is a festering river of human waste,” Colbert mimes Trump as saying, adding, “and I’m the madman who rules it on a throne of turds.”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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