Stephen Colbert boosts his ratings lead over Jimmy Fallon

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Stephen Colbert’s special ‘Russia Week’ for The Late Show was a big success, increasing his ratings lead above Jimmy Fallon higher than ever.

It looks like Stephen Colbert is still the king of late night TV!

For years, The Tonight Show had been the number one late night talk show, from Jay Leno on to Jimmy Fallon. But after Colbert took over David Letterman’s hosting duties over on CBS, things started to change. In recent months, Colbert has taken the lead over Fallon, and the Tonight Show host hasn’t been able to catch up since.

The ratings race has been fairly close at points. But last week saw the biggest difference between the two thus far, with Colbert increasing his lead. The “Russia Week” theme of Colbert’s show for last week helped bring in more viewers, as the show averaged 2.9 million viewers. That news comes courtesy of The Huffington Post.

In fact, last week saw Colbert beating Fallon with the largest margin of victory ever since first coming on. Apparently more people prefer the edgier and more biting comedy bits Colbert has been doing, with a hard focus on mocking Donald Trump. Fallon’s show is much more “fun”, with wacky games and a laid back host — but that’s just not what most people are looking for right now.

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As the king of late night television, it seems like Colbert is a shoe-in for the Emmy he’s been nominated for (Outstanding Variety Talk Series). Keep up with him on his ratings high by watching new episodes weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS.