Chelsea Handler accused of ripping off ‘Broad Abroad’ name

Credit: NBC
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After premiering a new segment for her Netflix series called ‘A Broad Abroad’, Chelsea Handler is being accused of stealing the brand name from a journalist.

Is Chelsea Handler a fraud? Or are people making a big deal out of a coincidence? I’m betting your answer depends on whether or not you’re a fan of Chelsea’s.

In any case, Handler is finding herself facing some flak for allegedly ripping off an online journalist. On last Friday’s episode of Chelsea on Netflix, Handler premiered a segment she’s calling “A Broad Abroad.” In the days since, the comic has found herself facing accusations of stealing said name.

Well, not everyone is saying for sure that Handler outright stole the name. But the folks over at Page Six are sure implying as much. They’re literally calling it “an audacious rip-off” that they can’t ignore. Apparently, a former Page Six writer has since gone on to create her own “A Broad Abroad” brand online for Yahoo Travel, and isn’t happy about Handler using the name.

After catching some heat, Handler sent word to Page Six that she didn’t rip off the name, and that this is entirely coincidental. From Page Six:

"“I had no idea it was a thing. No need to cease and desist. I don’t want to intentionally or unintentionally rip anyone off.”"

If you ask me? I believe Chelsea. The last thing she wants to do is be accused of being a shameless rip-off. It’s just too hard for me to picture her cruising Yahoo Travel and saying to herself, “I like that ‘Broad Abroad’ name. I’m going to use it and hope nobody else notices.” Love her or hate her, Chelsea just isn’t that stupid.

In any case, I’m sure Handler is going to weather this storm and come out just fine. Continue to watch new episodes of her show Fridays on Netflix.