Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump puts the ‘fraud’ in ‘voter fraud’

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President Donald Trump is moving forward with his Voter Fraud Commission, but as Stephen Colbert suggests, the only fraud around here is him.

Kicking off his Late Show monologue on Friday night, Stephen Colbert spoke about Donald Trump attending the first Voter Fraud Commission meeting. A clip is shown of Trump talking about keeping the integrity of the ballot box alive, emphasizing his goal of “one citizen, one vote.”

“Yes, one citizen, one vote,” Colbert responds, adding, “but notice he did not say citizen of what country.”

As we all know, Trump may have won the election, but lost the popular vote by millions. Colbert brings up a tweet from Trump where he claims that he did win the popular vote, if you “deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” So desperate to convince everyone that he didn’t actually lose to Hillary in any way, Trump’s now pushing this “voter fraud” thing super hard.

Of course, there’s a major problem here. Trump can say what he wants, but there is no evidence to support his claims. In fact, a review of the election found just four instances of voter fraud out of 134 million ballots. Certainly not enough to make a real difference and nowhere even close to the “millions” number that Trump holds onto.

So what’s really going on here? Well, Colbert reveals that the Commission is led by a man named Kris Kobach, who has been dubbed the “King of Voter Suppression.” Clearly the hidden agenda here is to actually exclude as many voters as possible from voting. Oh, the irony.

You can watch Colbert explain it best in the video below.

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