Donald Trump Jr.’s secret meeting reminds Colbert of Ocean’s Eleven

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As details of Donald Trump Jr.’s “secret meeting” are coming out, Stephen Colbert can’t help but compare to a heist movie like Ocean’s Eleven.

Wait a minute… is Donald Trump Jr. actually trying to set up some kind of elaborate heist? Judging from the assorted cast of characters he calls his buddies, it sure looks that way at least.

On Friday night’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoke about the controversial “secret meeting” involving Donald Trump Jr. recently. Perhaps just as interesting as whatever was discussed in said meeting are the people in the room whom attended it.

First, Colbert talks about how one of them has been revealed to be a Russian-American money launderer. As Colbert says, it only “adds intrigue” to what is already being described as a “varied cast of characters.” With so many unique personalities in one secret meeting, it’s starting to look less like a news story and more like a Hollywood heist film, ala Ocean’s Eleven.

For example, we’ve got Jared Kushner, the “mute brother-in-law,” and “the blonde bombshell” Ivanka Trump. And those are just a couple of the cliche movie personalities all present in one room.  You can watch Colbert talk about the big “secret” meeting and explain it best in the video below, via CBS.

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