O.J. Simpson parole hearing to be broadcast on television

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Notorious criminal and alleged murderer O.J. Simpson is coming up for parole, and his hearing is going to be broadcast all over television.

Millions of people were watching in the mid 1990s when O.J. Simpson had his murder trial verdict read aloud in the courtroom. Now, how many will be watching when Mr. Simpson pleads to be released from prison?

If you haven’t seen the news, outlets such as The Salt Lake Tribune are reporting on the news of Simpson’s upcoming parole hearing set for later today. For those of us curious enough to see it, major networks including ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News, HLN, and ESPN will be there with TV cameras.

Of course, Simpson shocked millions when he received his Not Guilty verdict for the murders of Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. But Simpson still wound up behind bars eventually, due to charges of assault and armed robbery. The Juice had been handed a lengthy prison sentence and has since spent over eight years in a Nevada penitentiary.

Last year, Cuba Gooding, Jr. portrayed Simpson in American Crime Story, which revitalized interest in Simpson’s case. Critics and fans alike showered the series with praise, educating a new generation on the infamous case. Perhaps that’s why this parole hearing is getting more coverage than perhaps the robbery trial itself did at the time.

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Will Simpson taste freedom again after this upcoming hearing? It’s set for this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. EST. Tune in to your television set to see if the Juice makes it back out onto the streets.