Donald Trump meets with Putin AGAIN, gets called out by Colbert

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Donald Trump has reportedly had ANOTHER ‘secret’ meeting with Vladimir Putin, and Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to destroy the president over it.

Are Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump “sitting in a tree”? Stephen Colbert thinks so, and he wasn’t holding back for last night’s Late Show monologue!

New reports are coming out suggesting Mr. Trump has had another private meeting with the controversial Putin. Yes, in the middle of perhaps the biggest scandal of his life, Trump somehow found it wise to have more secret talks with the Russian leader he’s been accused of colluding with.

Of course, Colbert wasn’t one to let this news pass him by, as shown on last night’s Late Show. Apparently, the meeting took place at a “couples-only” dinner, which the White House is already downplaying as nothing more than a “brief conversation after dinner.”

“Brief, because after all, how long does it take someone to give you their room key?” Colbert remarks. He then uncovers that the meeting actually lasted as long as an hour, despite claims from the White House otherwise. To that, Colbert tells Trump that if his collusion lasts longer than an hour, he should “consult the FBI.”

Colbert takes several more jabs at Trump and his alleged collusion with Putin in the monologue, which you can watch in the video below.

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