‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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5. More Brienne and Tormund shipping seeds are planted

Our favorite lurker Littlefinger does what he does best in this premiere episode by slithering around everywhere like the snake that he is. Feeding off of the tension between Sansa and Jon, Littlefinger is right there to try to be “there” for Sansa, an obvious move in his ultimate quest to finally have Sansa’s hand in marriage. For today, though, ol’ Littlefinger is just going to have to slither his way back into his hole because Sansa isn’t biting.

But there is a more promising relationship which can potentially bloom on the horizon. Many fans of Game of Thrones have been long shipping Brienne and Tormund, and now the show is teasing it some more. They’re not quite in bed together yet, mind you, but it seems like the writers are starting to plant some more of the seeds for that now.

Brienne is in the courtyard outside, and she captures the eye of Tormund. It’s clear that he is seeing something there that he likes, even if he isn’t outright saying it for now. Ultimately if both of these two can stay long enough for something to happen, I’m betting it’s only a matter of time.