‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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1. Daenerys touches down in Dragonstone

Perhaps the most powerful moment in the season premiere came during a scene which had no dialogue whatsoever. In a moment that has been a long time coming, we see Daenerys and her followers making it to Dragonstone. No dialogue is spoken as her ship reaches the shore, and she takes in the new surroundings. The look on her face is certainly enough.

It isn’t long for Daenerys to get comfortable in her new base of operations. She makes herself at home in the new throne room, inviting her top lieutenants to join her in looking at a map of Westeros. It’s obvious what she is planning her. She wants the Iron Throne for herself, and she is setting up the game plan for it now. Before the episode closes, she asks, “Shall we begin?”

This moment sets the tone for what to come in the following episodes. Several interesting new storylines are set up, but the main one that’s always been there is really taking off. Daenerys and her dragons are one step closer to the Iron Throne, and will she be the one to win the eventual war? Meanwhile, what about Jon Snow, .Bran, and the White Walkers? Even Samwell and Jorah? They’ve already got me hooked, as the show always does so well.

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