Sarah Palin resurfaces, immediately gets burned by Bill Maher

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Sarah Palin is forcing her name back into the headlines with taking on the New York Times, and Bill Maher was quick to take her down for it.

And Bill Maher takes down Sarah Palin once again. Is anyone keeping score? I’m not sure what number Maher is up to. I just know that Palin loses yet again!

I’m talking about the recent story concerning Palin’s lawsuit againt the New York Times. The former governor of Alaska is accusing the publication of defamation, seeking monetary reimbursement for damages. As The Daily Banter points out, Palin winning the case is pretty much a long shot, but it does serve to get her name back in the headlines.

And here’s where Real Time‘s Bill Maher steps in, because not all heroes wear capes. Maher found humor in Palin’s lawsuit, noting that for her to know about the story, it means she had to have actually read a newspaper. Taking to Twitter, Maher mocked Palin over the lawsuit by joking about her actually being able to name a newspaper this time:

I giggled way too hard about this, because I immediately understood the reference. It relates to an infamous gaffe of Palin’s from an interview with Katie Couric, where Palin couldn’t name one single newspaper she had read. It’s a hilarious “gotcha!” moment and seeing Palin squirm is a real treat. You can watch that notorious clip in the video below.

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Things are always much better when Palin is off of my television, so I’m really looking forward to seeing her vanish again within the next couple days. As for Maher, I say we can’t have enough of him on my TV. Catch new episodes of Real Time every Friday night on HBO!