Lindsay Lohan wants people to stop ‘bullying’ Donald Trump

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Controversial actress Lindsay Lohan is seeing her name back in the headlines after coming to President Donald Trump’s defense on Twitter.

Not everyone is a fan of the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. In fact, his supporters make up the minority of the population. But someone that does support the commander-in-chief is an actress who’s perhaps just as scandalous, Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan.

Taking note of all the vitriol directed towards the president, Lohan thought she’d come to his rescue on Twitter on her official account. On Independence Day (July 4th), she publicly declared her support for Trump by suggesting we all just “trust” him. That’s baffling to suggest that we trust an obvious and habitual liar, but that’s not even the funniest part of the tweet.

The same tweet also says that people need to stop “bullying” Trump. That’s right — Donald Trump, perhaps literally the biggest bully on the planet, needs us to stop bullying him. The amount of irony in such a suggestion is frankly just too much.

You can look at Lohan’s actual tweet below.

Another tweet from Lohan adds that the members of the Trump family are all “kind” people. I don’t know what she was smoking before tweeting that out, but it was obviously some good stuff. That’s so off the mark that one just can’t help but laugh.

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Lohan has the right to say whatever she wants on Twitter, and having an opinion is her right as well. Of course, in the same vein, I have the right to blast her for it on the internet. So, you’re wrong, Lindsay, and that was a dumb thing to say. But if it makes you feel better, Freaky Friday is still a good movie.