Animatronic Abe Lincoln protests adding Trump to Hall of Presidents

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With an animatronic Donald Trump making its way to Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, its Abraham Lincoln is refusing to share the same stage with him.

We’re right there with ya, Abe!

Most unfortunately, Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Inevitably this meant he would be getting his own animatronic statue at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, as have all of his predecessors. While I understand why Disney has to add him, it’s still awful, giving us a permanent reminder of the country’s most embarrassing time.

Even worse, the animatronic President Trump is even going to have a speaking role during the show. Having him on the stage is one thing. Hearing that grating voice of his is another. Think of all the vacations to Walt Disney World that are going to be soured ever so slightly.

Sharing this frustration is the animatronic version of Abraham Lincoln from the Hall of Presidents. In a new parody video from Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, the animatronic Abe says so as much in a new anti-Trump rant. And apparently he doesn’t want a metal Donald Trump on the same stage as him any more than we do.

Showing the faux Abraham Lincoln speak, the robot announces he is seceding from the Hall of Presidents. Rather than share the stage with Trump, animatronic Abe is just going to get the hell out of there. “To paraphrase me, a house divided against itself can go to hell!” he exclaims

You can watch animatronic Abe in the YouTube video below.

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