Colbert: What if Barack Obama tweeted like Donald Trump?

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Last night, Stephen Colbert hilariously imagined how things would have been if then-President Obama always angry tweeted the way Donald Trump does.

Colbert has done it again; I’m practically dying here laughing!

Donald Trump is certainly the most controversial president from my lifetime (if not ever). It’s hard to even know where to begin when talking about what’s wrong with his presidency. But one issue which truly separates him from all his predecessors is his nonstop use of Twitter.

No matter what the situation, you can always count on Trump to tweet about it. An egomaniac, the president just can’t stay off of the social media platform, always bragging about his latest “accomplishments”. Every tweet only makes him look worse, but the man has an addiction and just couldn’t possibly stay the hell off of Twitter.

On last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert wondered what it would be like if President Obama had been the same way. It’s humorous to think about how weird that would have been when you really picture it. To help prove that point, Colbert shows an example tweet of Obama saying, “Still first black president” with the hashtag #iamthedream. It gets quite an ovation from the in studio audience, with Colbert adding that clearly, Obama “didn’t have to” put himself over online.

You can watch the hilarious take down in the video below.

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