Seth Meyers exposes super top-secret Trumpcare bill

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Seth Meyers is taking aim at that top-secret Trumpcare bill the GOP is trying to rush through, exposing just how cruel and terrible it really is.

There’s a reason the GOP didn’t want anyone looking at their newest attempt at a Trumpcare bill!

Recently, Trump and his buddies have been trying to pass another healthcare bill. This time, their strategy was to keep the details hush-hush and somehow force the damn thing through. Quite suspiciously, they were desperate to keep its details private, so much so that many Republicans hadn’t even seen it.

So what exactly what is in this top-secret bill? Well, Late Night‘s Seth Meyers now has that information, and it isn’t pretty. Taking to his show’s “A Closer Look” bit, Meyers focuses on this Trumpcare disaster, showing his viewers why Trump wanted to keep a lid on the whole thing. First commenting on the previous failed attempt at passing Trumpcare, Meyers notes that somehow they made the bill even worse.

This bill contains extreme cuts to social services like Medicaid, much deeper cuts than in the previously proposed bill. But, of course, it still gives tax breaks to the very wealthy. To help rush this nasty bill through, Mitch McConnell practically wrote the whole damn thing himself behind closed doors. “Nobody’s ever doing anything good behind closed doors,” Meyers jokes, comparing McConnell to a rebellious teenager locking himself in his bedroom.

You can watch the new “A Closer Look” segment in the video below.

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