Colbert questions why GOP won’t reveal new healthcare bill

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GOP Senators are refusing to divulge the details of their new healthcare bill, and Stephen Colbert can’t help but feel just a little suspicious.

When President Donald Trump tried to replace the Affordable Care Act with his own disastrous attempt at a replacement, it didn’t work out so well. The bill failed miserably, sending the president back to the drawing board. Once people started reading the details of what the Trump Administration was proposing, nobody wanted to be a part of it.

After this embarrassing debacle, what’s the GOP to do next? Apparently, their new strategy is to try to pass their new bill by keeping its details a secret. At least that’s the case according to Stephen Colbert, after he brought up the issue on last night’s Late Show.

For the Late Show host, the healthcare bill is kept so secret that “it’s like the next season of Game of Thrones. And yet, somehow, more people will die.” Colbert adds that they’re keeping it so private that even many Republican Senators don’t even know the details. They’re literally voting for something they haven’t even seen, prompting Colbert to compare it to The Dating Game.

You can watch Colbert say it best in the YouTube video below.

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Colbert’s a comedian, but he’s totally right. Who knows what exactly the GOP is trying to hide, but lord knows it can’t be good. In any case, I’m sure Colbert will follow this story as it develops. Catch him on new episodes of The Late Show weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS.