Bill Maher says economy’s biggest losers are retail workers

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Real Time host Bill Maher took to his HBO program last night to bring attention to how the crumbling American economy hurts retail workers the most.

The American economy doesn’t seem to be working out well for most Americans these days, save for the wealthiest ones among us. But as Bill Maher demonstrated on Real Time last night, those working in retail are perhaps feeling the sting even worse than the rest of us.

Using his own unique brand of humor, Maher wanted to call attention to those poor retail workers. As the Real Time host points out, Americans no longer shop until they drop — they “click ’til they’re sick.” More and more brick-and-mortar establishments are on their way out, bringing untold numbers of American jobs with them.

According to Maher, those suffering most are people like “the department store lady in a lab coat who sprays you with hooker perfume”. But with hundreds and hundreds of retail stores continuing to close down, it’s baffling that the only thing “President Man-baby” can say is that we need to put miners back to work. “The jobs we’re losing aren’t in coal, they’re at Kohl’s,” Maher quips.

Maher continues to put the heat on Trump, mocking him for his past claims about how’d he’d be such a job-creating president once he got into office. If Trump really wants to help create jobs, Maher says, then perhaps he can help by contributing to the economy. “Maybe he can start by waddling down to Forever 71,” Maher adds, “and buying a lighter shade of bronzer and a suit that fits.”

You can watch Maher explain it best in the YouTube video posted below.

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I can’t help but feel like your everyday American retail worker is even on Donald Trump’s radar. It’s great that Maher is helping call attention to the issue, showing he understands their plight. If only that were enough.

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