Colbert mocks Trump for idiotic climate change comments

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With rapidly rising sea levels threatening to completely engulf the tiny island town of Tangier, President Trump personally told the mayor “not to worry”.

Somehow, I doubt the president’s remarks will result in a much better sleep tonight for the residents of Tangier.

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert spoke about the recent moronic remarks Trump made concerning climate change. As we all know, the Trumpster made the decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. That news is particularly bad, Colbert explains, for those living in Tangier — a Virginian island town losing roughly 15 feet of coastline per year.

As you can expect, those living in the town aren’t too pleased with Trump’s decision. In a poor attempt at making them feel better, Trump personally called the Tangier mayor to discuss the situation. And what sound advice did the Trumpster have for him? The dismissive, insulting suggestion “not to worry about it”.

“And Trump’s speaking from experience — he’s watched a lot of his businesses go under,” Colbert remarks. But sadly enough, the asinine things Trump says don’t even stop there. President Orange goes on to add that since the island has been there for hundreds of years, he believes it will be there for centuries more. “Yes, if something is there, it’s never going away,” Colbert jokes, “unless Trump meets a younger hotter one.”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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